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Customized Services

At Thompson's Messenger And Courier Service we provide businesses and companies with customized messenger and local courier services solutions based on their needs.

For example:

Does your business or company have documents or packages that need to be delivered to different locations across Trinidad and have returns collected and brought back by a certain time the same day on a daily or weekly basis. 

Or maybe your company needs daily or weekly courier service that includes same day collections of cheques and documents, drop offs, banking, bill payments, etc.

Or do you need customized deliveries and collections between your branches.

Well we have got you covered. We offer customized service solutions design to take care of all these messenger and local courier needs and more.


Contact us and let us know what your business or company requires and we will tailor the right solution at the right price.

  Benefit from:

  • Customized services based on your companies needs.

  • Same day collections, deliveries, bill payments, banking.          (All combined).

  • Experience messengers and couriers.

  • Real time proof of delivery and tracking.

  • Real time proof of collection.                                                           

  • Order entry panel for unlimited computers at your company.

  • No downtime.

  • Affordable daily rates.

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