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For delivery or collection of documents, packages or boxes up to 96 inches in length + girth and doesn't exceed 30lbs.

(Single or combined documents or packages)


Delivered before 4:30pm same day.

$34.00 per delivery.

Between P.O.S. East and South zones:

$39.00 per delivery.

RUSH (P.O.S. zone only)

Delivered within two hours.

$40.00 per delivery

DIRECT (P.O.S. zone only)

Delivered direct with no stops.

$49.00 per delivery

Delivered within 48 hours

$50.00 per delivery

Rates for bulk deliveries are available upon request.

Additional charges will apply for payment collection options.

For bill payments, banking, NIS, BIR Payments.


Transaction done before 4:30pm same day.

Within P.O.S. zone:


Between P.O.S. East and South zones:


Rates include the return of documents 

(Next day)

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